Robert John Michael Whittaker
17 Melbourne Road
Norwalk, Connecticut, 06851-5820
(203) 853-9843

Iím inquiring your business about a job opportunity because I feel I am most comfortable with the present job offered due to my previous experience in retail, and through this job I hope to support myself as I look into an art school or college course for my future education.

Experience using Microsoft Word, Excel, HTML and web design, Cascading Style Sheets, and JavaScript programming, management and maintenance of web sites, including processing data, organizing files, support and assistance to members. I am a very quick study, and I pay close attention to detail. I can accomplish a variety of tasks as needed, and have knowledge in math (basic, algebra, and computer functions), English (writing and reading comprehension), computers (PC-Windows and Macintosh), and office type work (filing, organization).

Ames Department Store #0087
32 Ames Plaza Lane, Walpole, New Hampshire 03608
(603) 445-5500 or (603) 445-5509
Ames is a business servicing in retail goods.
Store Manager: Steve Palmer #(603) 358-6852
Asst. Manager: James (Jim) Peterson #(603) 835-6011
Store Trainer: Jessica Berry (603) 876-4877
Started October 2001, ended October 2002
Worked as part-time cashier, stocker, electronics management
Pay $5.75
Reason for Leaving: Company went out of business

Basic Military Training
Lackland Air Force Base, Texas 78236
Lackland AFB trains and conditions the future Airmen of the United States Air Force.
Commander, 37th Training Wing: Colonel Hertog
Commander, 737th Training Group: Colonel Grosso
Squadron Commander, 320th Training Squadron: Major Sanders
Training Instructor, 320th TRS, Flight 483: Staff Sergeant Tate
Training Instructor, 320th TRS, Flight 507: Staff Sergeant Spon
Squadron Commander, 319th Training Squadron: Lieutenant Colonel Torres
Training Instructor, 319th TRS, Flight 3193: Staff Sergeant Stone
Started July 2005, ended September 2005
Rank: Airman Basic (E-1)
Reason for Leaving: Medical Discharge (Uncharacterized)

Ocean State Job Lot #402
32 Ames Plaza Lane, Walpole, New Hampshire 03608
(603) 445-5666
Ocean State Job Lot is a business servicing in retail goods.
Store Manager: John Lee
Store Trainer: Cheryl Buker
Started October 2005, ended November 2007
Worked as full-time cashier, stocker
Pay $7.25
Reason for Leaving: Terminated

The majority of my work experience with Ames and Ocean State Job Lot was as a cashier where I learned to ring up merchandise for customers, while time spent off the register was used ticketing and stocking merchandise. When I had gained sufficient experience, I was called to run the electronics department at Ames, combining the skills of cashier and stocker and keeping the photo department in running order. My time at Basic Military Training for the United States Air Force was short lived, as I was medically discharged under an Entry-Level Separation. However during my stay at Lackland, I learned discipline and teamwork under fast-paced and stressful conditions, as well as attention to detail and respect for authority. Now I feel better prepared than before to work at a real business in the outside world.

Grammar School: Walpole Elementary, Main Street, Walpole, NH 03608
High School: Fall Mountain Regional High School, 134 FMRHS Road, Langdon, NH 03602 #(603) 835-6318
High School: Keen High School, 43 Arch Street, Keene, NH 03431
Most of the education I received at Fall Mountain came from a variety of courses, with my strongest being in mathematics, algebra, history, art, and computer programming. I took one adult education course at Keene High School in American Literature and Writing as a graduation requirement, which I did well on and helped open me up to writing elements that I had never conceived before. This not only made me a better writer in the outcome, I feel, but also allowed me to understand the stories of other authors all the more.

Recently my hobbies have included drawing, mostly in the fashion of Japanese Animation, as well as reading novels and comic books, and freelance writing, all of which I hope to hone into a professional career of independently publishing my own comic books. Because of this, friends and relatives suggested I seek out further education because it was believed having some form of knowledge in the field or perhaps even a degree would make it easier to get into the business. Aside from this, I also enjoy spending time on the computer at various message boards where I can discuss a wide range of topics with countless people around the world, or role-play with people in fantasy games who share the same interests as I, an activity that has helped improve my writing ability to a strong degree. Last I was tested, my current typing speed is seventy-two words per minute.