Title: Morgan #0
Date: September 11th, 2005
Description: This was actually the second picture of Morgan that I drew, within the pages of that little, blue book I was given while in Air Force basic training; I suppose that means she should be labeled "Morgan #1." I drew the original picture of Morgan just prior to entering boot camp, when I was in the airport lobby; her face was closer to that of Denise and her outfit had a much more... hmm... perhaps an eclectic mix of punk, rave, and Rocky Horror Picture Show I guess? Though the image remained uncolored and uninked, I had intended from the start for her to have red hair and golden eyes; the eyes were based on the bully from A Christmas Story, since I had intended for her to be an antagonist, a seductive and wily vampire who took great pleasure in slaying and drinking dry her victims. The name that first came to mind was, "Angelique," a name I had also once used the for the angel, Ariel. The name was supposed to be ironic, since Morgan was to be anything but saintly.

This second picture that I drew was much more subdued in apperance with a face that, although at times resembling Android #18 from Dragonball, was atleast quite different from Denise's. I still love this outfit. It may be simpler than what she was originally supposed to wear, but I think that's the charm of it; it's closer to what a real gothy, punkish type of gal might wear. Her combat boots were based on the ones serviced to me, while the black pentacle over the hellfire was to convey the darkside she was to possess. The snake tattoos were just an added bonus. I still want to draw a topless picture of her from behind, showing the snakes curving down her shoulderblades and coiling around a dagger that points downward against her spine.

Despite the vile intentions I had planned for her, at the time of drawing this picture and in the weeks that followed, I began to develop a softer side for her. I imagined her being the eldest of three siblings, the other two being twins roughly ten years her junior, and her being the mother-like figure who did her best to raise them due to the absense of parents. With this, I was able to curb her evil tendencies into being a woman who's torn between her responsibility as eldest sibling and as a young woman who still wants to live life and enjoy all that it has to offer. So, I suppose that without the kids around she'd retain her flirtatious and teasing nature, but is still level-headed enough to know that business comes before pleasure.

Morgan Powers © 2005-2010 RJM Whittaker