Title: Denise #0
Date: April 17th, 2004
Description: My very first picture of my French vampire, Denise Âmesang. I drew this picture shortly after finishing high school; at the time, I drew all of my female characters with pencil-thin eyebrows and eyes that had no sides drawn (thus anyone who had glowing eyes appeared to have them closed). Other differences between then and now was that I hadn't decided on wether or not I was going to add tattoos to her arms (or if I had, I forgot to draw them). It would also appear that I hadn't finalized the design of her boots then, as they appear as thin as a layer of skin; this was probably due to inking in the image far too early (as is evident of her skirt, which has a line drawn along the bottom on the side where it should be empty, beneath the criss-cross threads).

I do remember that I had intended for her character to be holding sunglasses in her right hand, since at the time I had imagined her disliking the daylight due to her nocturnal preferences; she was originally going to be a classical, Dracula-esque vampire, a background character for the comic I had planned starring Karin and Ariel. Her head is much larger than in later images (though that may just be a reflection of my art style at the time), and her nose is a tad smaller than now. She lacks the mole beneath her left eye, and I recall one viewer saying she was "top heavy, and not in a good way." I'd like to think that I've gotten better in drawing that particular part of her anatomy, although she's remained rather buxom.

In the seven years since I first drew her, this has remained Denise's primary look. Her face and hair, her top and skirt; very little has changed, even her lobeless ears. Though I imagine her as being young of body, I also see her as being and old soul, almost stagnate in her attitude. I don't think she'd be one to appreciate change, even less so if it were to be forced upon her. At any rate, she definitely has the mindset of a curmudgeon, which will probably only worsen with age. Likewise, her lack of a smile in many of my images was designed to convey a pained heart hiding a broken spirit. After experiencing great horror in her youth she decided to shut out all other emotion from her mind, hoping that by doing this, and by strengthening her body, she would never be hurt again. In the end, however, I imagine this leaves her with a deep, empty feeling inside, something she secretly yearns to fill with love and yet is too afraid to find, leaving her utterly alone and, really, quite pitiful. Wether she overcomes this fear or will be swallowed up by it shall remain to be seen...

Denise Âmesang © 2004-2010 RJM Whittaker