Title: Ariel #0
Date: April 12th, 2004
Description: This is not actually the first picture that I drew of Ariel. If memory serves, the original was a colored drawing depicting her with a halo in the bottom corner of the page; Karin was in the upper corner above her, and Denise (back when her hair and eyes were to be purple) was off to the side. Either this means that Denise is older than I realize or I merely drew her at a later date to keep them grouped (since they were all supposed to be in the same comic).

Like Karin, Ariel has a number of influences behind her. The biggest of all was a character named Undine from the Monster Rancher anime; although I like to imagine Ariel's hair changing color every now and then (easy since she retains the pencil-thin eyebrows I used to draw), her primary hair color is still a bright, sky/neon blue. Prior to drawing Ariel, I drew a number of blue or seagreen-haired mermaids with Karin-like eyes, obviously influenced by the Undine character. I also still retain old drawings of blue-haired girls, one dressed as a witch, another as a Playboy Bunny outfit (perhaps I was watching Bulma in Dragon Ball at the time?). Ariel's clothing, which has changed slightly over the years, as well as her spoiled brat attitute, was most likely inspired by Quinn Morgendorffer from the MTV cartoon, Daria.

"Ariel" was not the first name I had chosen for the character. The first name that I can remember using for her was Angelique, since I had intended on her being an angel from the very start (a mischievous, trouble-making one in counterpart to Karin, a sweet-natured devil). Sometime later I changed it to Evangeline, after a song I heard on the radio. I don't recall when I started to use the name "Ariel" (which mean't "Lioness of God," last I checked), aside that from what I could learn it was the name of an actual angel and that I sought to give her a name that wasn't so blatenly obivous (same reason I stopped using "DeVille" as Karin's last name). Ariel's last name, "Le'Ammas," was merely "Sammael" backwards (an Angel of Death and often considered an equivalent to Lucifer/The Satan). She was intended to be Lucifer's daughter, which was to explain her mischievous streak. Had "Angel/Devil" come to fruition, she would eventually have gone and fallen in love with Lucifer's devil son, not realizing the blood ties until it was far too late.

Judging from this picture, it would seem that Ariel was mean't to be left-handed (once considered to be a mark of evil influence). I'll have to try and remember that little detail...

Ariel Le'Ammas © 2004-2010 RJM Whittaker