Title: Alura #0
Date: November 30th, 2007
Description: In the world of Dungeons & Dragons there was a powerful sorceress who transcended the bounderies of mortal magic and achieved godhood. Her name was Quintessa and, like all deities, began to teach mortals the power of divinity and make them into their clerics. The first to be so taught by her was a half-elf named Alura, at first a young girl who plyed her trade as a fortune teller and has no retired as the High Priestess and Queen-like ruler of her own kingdom, the planar metropolis of Amariel.

It seemed natural at the time that the first cleric for a goddess of desire would also be female; however, in the game that she originated in, the Dungeon Master wanted us to each play a different race. Human was taken. Elf was taken. Half-elf was not, and that was what Alura became. She started off with basic adventurer equipment, including a full suit of chainmaille. Now that her power has reached epic levels, she can freely wear very little while retaining a sturdy defense thanks to legendary magic items and potent spells. This itself is represented by burst of negative energy craded in and crackling out from her hands.

Till this day I still find it rather humorous that Alura actually wears less than her goddess, even though at one point Quintessa would have been the very definition of sex (although she has since returned to being the incarnation of base desire, such as the desire for strength, knowledge, power, etc.). This wasn't the first image of her that I had drawn; the original had been started shortly after the game had started and would've depicted her in a suit of chainmaille based on the elven chain from the 3rd Edition Dungeon Master's Guide; sadly I was unable to draw her in a fashion that pleased me (aside from her face), and eventually erased it. To tell you the truth, though, this one isn't terribly good, either.

I'm hedging a guess, but I believe the magic items she is wearing in this picture are boots of the winterlands, a +6 belt of giant strength, and +8 bracers of armor (since this was drawn before she achieved epic level).

Alura © 2007-2010 RJM Whittaker